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All Weather Products specializes in supplying roofing products for the Western Canadian and Pacific Northwest region.

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New styles of metal are bringing new architectural style and design possibilities to the roofing industry. No longer is straight linear cladding the only dimension of metal roofing.

The west-coast tradition of using cedar shakes on re-roofing and new construction is a dying breed of installation. Poor fire ratings, hazardous combustibility , expensive cost, and short life-expectancy all are contributing to its demise. But this cedar shingle or real slate appearance is still the preferred look that all roofing material categories are trying to mimic, and most consumers still desire.

Now we have these looks in metal shingles that mimic wood shingles, cedar shakes, or real slate. These are ideal styles to use on the Gulf Islands, on your cabin, for re-roofing your cedar shake or old asphalt roof, or for a refined look on your new construction project. They look great on both commercial buildings and residential homes.

Metalworks produces two products to meet this demand. First they manufacture the Astonwood Steel Shake which has the grainy texture of cedar shingles embossed onto its panels.

They come in 36" long x 11" high shingle panels that are fastened with 3 to 5 separate clips that are nailed or screwed in place. The fasteners do not penetrate the shingle, are hidden from the weather, and the clips allow the panels to expand and contract with no damage to the panels. Each panel also interlocks together also allowing for expansion and contraction yet preventing water ingress behind the panels.

For an easy installation with simple tools, there is none simpler than the Astonwood Steel Shake. With almost 1 square of shingles in every box (98.4 sq.ft.) these shingles will allow a whole roof to fit in the back of a pick up truck. An installation video is available to instruct virtually any individual to install these shingles, as long as they possess common sense and a simple understanding of roofing principles. Although it is best to use professionals to install roofing, we've had many successful installations of metal roofing completed by the homeowners themselves. Using the correct flashing techniques, using proper ventilation and underlayments, these shingles will keep out the weather in any climate.

A newer style has been created by Metalworks to mimic the look of real slate. Stonecrest Slate has an outstanding natural rock texture stamped and embossed to the surface of its steel shingles. We have not seen a better imitation of real slate from the metal industry than this product creates. Using the attached notches on each panel the applicator can easily install this shingle in the pattern necessary to create the traditional patterned slate look, but without the expected zipper pattern on might expect (...this is a good thing).

The Stonecrest Slate comes in a traditional colour such as Slate Grey, but unique colours such as Quaker Green and the outstanding Vermont Blue will add drama and character to any roof-scape.

For those that prefer a thicker more textured appeal, we offer the Metro-Shake. It is a granulated finish heavier gauge metal shake that is almost 3/4" thick creating real texture and real shadow effects. Metro Shake is installed either over top of an old asphalt shingle roof, or over a solid wood deck with a underlayment completed first. The panels are screwed down with specialty screws placed through specific points of the metal shake. Unlike the Metalworks products these shingles have fasteners that penetrate the panels.

Metro Shake is designed to be installed by professionals. There is a specialty metal brake and shear that needs to be on the jobsite during the installation process. Although sheet metal snips are used for some detailing, the granulated finish of these panels will make short work of even the best snips. Our company will rent out the metal equipment to those who are not set up to complete the job. Contact our office for more details.

We have also found a new Steel Shake made by Classic Products called Timber Creek Shakes. These have a thicker texture than Metalworks Astonwood thereby creating a more realistic cedar tapersawn appearance. They are installed similar to Astonwood with a clip system so that no fasteners need penetrate the panel. They are produced in Ohio and are available on a special order basis. The cost is greater than the Metalworks products and can be estimated on a job to job basis. Call our office for more details.









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