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All Weather Products specializes in supplying roofing products for the Western Canadian and Pacific Northwest region.

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Phone: 604-572-8088

alfresco backyard lifestyles

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Home of Innovative Roofing Products and Smart Choices

All Weather Products Ltd : Supplier and Distributor of products for the exteriors of our homes. Our primary focus is roofing materials, in particular attractive, innovative and architecturally appealing roofing styles, as well as practical complete roofing solutions with great value, all supplied by us as The Roofing Store in Western Canada. We have the best selection, the most variety and styles, and the largest showrooms anywhere to help make your best choices.

 We also have an Outdoor Patio Living division called Alfresco backyard Lifestyles. Our offering includes weather protection shelters such as Gazebos and Pergolas, Gas Fire Tables called Fire-pit Chat Tables in an amazing variety of styles, BBQ Islands, Custom Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Entertainment Islands constructed of modular lightweight fiberglass concrete , as well as stylish Indoor Outdoor Wicker Furniture, and decor.

And we connect you to the good guy installers to get your job done well ... and completed right !

Fabulous Showrooms, Huge Selection, Knowledgeable Expert Advice ... There is no better place to shop !

 Go Direct to our Roofing Products Showrooms Page ... click here 

Go Direct to our Alfresco Backyard Lifestyles Product Showrooms ... click here

Please view our videos on our products, intro about our company, some features, and our Alfresco Backyard Lifestyles:

Video - The Roofing Store intro

Video - Tiki Hut Palapa Roofing Thatch


Video - Roofing Design Discussion Pt 1 Video - Roofing Design Discussion Pt 2 Video - Roofing Design Discussion Pt 3

Video - Firepit Chat Tables Intro

Video - Outdoor BBQ Kitchens Intro


View Info About our Company

We can ship almost anywhere !

Firepit Chat Tables

 Enter our Roofing and Product Showrooms:  

Lots of photos and product information:  

Fiberglass and Asphalt Shingles

Concrete and Clay Tile Showrooms

Clay Shakes for Re-Roofing

Plastic and Rubber Roofing

Snap Lock Metal Roofing Showrooms

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Further Information:

Roofing Budgets

Re-Roofing Ideas

More Info About Our Company

Roofer Referrals Info


Also:  see more editorials on the underlined links in the next column to your right...

   Showroom Locations and Hours :

Fraser Valley - Lower Mainland Roofing Showroom, Warehouse, Retail Store, Wholesale Depot, Outdoor Products Alfresco Backyard Lifestyle Showroom :

12510 - 82nd Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada


hours:   Mon-Friday 7:30am- 4:30pm

Current Hours Oct 31 2013 through 15th March 2014:

Saturday: Closed

Excluding Long Weekends (closed) ...

Sat: by appointment only in Winter

Visit BC's Largest Roofing Showroom, plus enjoy the amazing Outdoor Living Showroom of All Weather Products called Alfresco Backyard Lifestyles, in our Surrey location only.


Greater Vancouver Showroom and  Roofing Superstore Warehouse, Retail Store, Wholesale Depot :

2717 Lake City Way, Burnaby , BC, Canada


hours:   Mon-Fri 7:30am- 4:30pm

Saturday: Closed this location

 ( visit our Surrey Showroom and warehouse for all Saturday sales, showroom viewing )

Kelowna / Okanagan

 Roofing Superstore Warehouse

314 Totom, Kelowna , BC, Canada


hours:   Mon-Fri 7:30am- 4:30pm

Closed weekends in Kelowna, but you can book a special appointment for Saturday mornings showroom viewing with one of our roofing experts. Contact our office for more information or an appointment. 


View the fantastic and innovative synthetic polymer roofing materials:

Take a look at our unique and richly textured polymer slates and shakes that simulate real slate and shake unlike any other. A variety of widths mixed into each bundle makes this material outstanding.

DaVinci Roofscapes:

DaVinci Slates and DaVinci Shakes

More DaVinci Photos and Installations

DaVinci synthetic composite roofing are some of our most Eco-Friendly  Roofing materials, as they are fully recycle-able in the future.

Another vendor also includes products that use up to 52% recycled content, plus is 100% recycle-able in the future ...

 Distinctions Composite Roofing

Symphony Slate

Attic Insulation:

Yes, we now sell and stock attic insulation.

Certainteed TruComfort Insulation is the ideal insulation for attic retrofit application. Energy prices are up and homeowners are looking for ways to save on utility bills. Click the link,  open the "installation" tab to learn more, and please review the 12 minute video there, to see how easy to install this product is.

TruComfort is an easy to install blown in fiberglass attic insulation system that can save up to 20% on energy costs.

We provide a TruComfort Blowing Machine rental unit that transports easily in a SUV or small truck. It is simple to use, plugs in to 115 volt power. Two people can easily complete a blowing of insulation typical project in 2 to 4 hours. This insulation is a non-itch product. It is a premium loose-fill fiberglass insulation that is easily installed right over the existing insulation.

There is no better time to add attic insulation than while you are doing a re-roof or just after you have completed your re-roofing project. You will save lots of money on energy for your efforts and this investment will pay off in spades. You can add R30 of insulation above what you already have, and you will only require about 16 bags of Tru-Comfort to complete a attic of around 1000 square feet. A bag of Tru-Comfort is $38.99 currently (April 2012), so that only works out to $623.84 worth of insulation ... now that's a great deal !

Please see our webpage section on Tru-Comfort Insulation ... Save Energy Now !


Alfresco  Backyard Lifestyles:

A whole family of products to increase your backyard lifestyle from 3 months to 9 months or all season long ... imagine ... patio living throughout the year !

  • Timber Frame Backyard Pavilions

  • Architectural Kit Form Structures and Gazebos

  • Tiki Hut and Palapa Patio Shelter Kits

  • You install or we install !

  • Synthetic Grass Thatch Roofing to create the Bora Bora, Caribbean, and Margaritaville patio and backyard experience.

  • Fire Pits ... many styles

  • Fire Feature Chat Tables ... many styles ... BC's largest selection.

  • Outdoor Fireplaces

  • Modular Barbeque Islands

  • Kit form, easy to install, BBQ and Entertainment Islands, outdoor seating, columns, and features.

  • You install ... or we install.

  • Outdoor Patio furnishings, decor, outdoor art, and specialty cabana curtains and privacy.

  • Hardscaping materials for patios.

  • Unique roofing styles and treatments for your next patio or deck shelter experience.

Innovative roofing materials, unique roofscaping ideas and products, Outdoor Patio Living and entertaining space structures and solutions for great looking style & architecture, improvement and expansion of your living space, plus good-old-fashioned durable, affordable and positively fabulous looking roofing products and complete roofing systems !

Roofer Referral Service

We are referring quality-minded contractors to take the guess work and fear out of selecting your roofer. We select contractors and roofers who have the experience, knowledge, credentials, and expertise to install the specific roofing material you wish to purchase for your home or building project, in the regions which we serve. Do you desire a worry free and quality roof on your home now as well as for the future, installed by good people ?

Then View:  Roofer Referral Service. 

All Weather Products Ltd, also known as "The Roofing Store", has fabulous Roofing Showrooms and Design Centers at each of our well stocked warehouse roofing depots that contain an amazing variety of styles and selection of roofing, skylights, fiberglass attic insulation and blowing machines, vents, plus all kinds of roofing supplies.

We also are providing Outdoor Living Space solutions including Pergolas, Pagodas, Gazebos, BBQ Islands, Outdoor Fireplaces, as kitted material packages and installed solutions. Our specialty outdoor products division is called Alfresco Backyard Lifestyles. Our expert teams specialize in superior quality and performance Roofing and Outdoor Living Space solutions to protect your home from this region's severe inclement weather.  We also manufacture and fabricate sheet-metal products, custom metal flashings and trims for roofing, building, siding, and metal roofing, as well as we roll form custom-cut metal roofing using our state-of-the-art machinery and metal folding equipment. 

We are known as a One-Stop Shop and are famous for our ultimate, unique, outstanding, and fabulous roofing showrooms and our knowledgeable helpful service. Great ideas and new Outdoor Living design centers, great product showrooms, great selection, great prices, great values are all here at All Weather Products Ltd ! 

News and Views:

(Price Changes Industry News, click above:)

There is no better place to choose your roofing  !

Come see what's new !

Discover new roofing styles and designs, new thicker textures, slate and shake look styles, authentic slate, lightweight and environmentally friendly roofing. Come see new innovative roofing materials and designs never before seen in BC. Find out about the latest trends in roofing, meet the experts, talk to the manufacturers who are exhibiting at the show. Find good roofers who you can trust to do it right, and get quality roofer referrals. Explore your options, find out how to improve the curb appeal and protect or improve the value of your home while at the same time defending it better.

Watch for our exciting new outdoor shelters and  product selections including Outdoor Living Space solutions, BBQ Islands, Outdoor Kitchens, Pagoda and backyard shelters and Pergola kits, Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire-Pits.

Get lots of ideas for your most important home design decisions !

    About our company     and how to find us  :

Greater Vancouver Roofing Warehouse and Showroom: 2717 Lake City Way, Burnaby, BC      Ph: 604-420-9000

Current Hours May 1st 2013 to Oct 31 2013:

 hours:   Mon-Fri 7:30am- 4:30pm

Saturday: Closed except by appointment ...

Please visit our Surrey Showroom on Saturdays excluding long weekends.

Contact our office for more information, or for a special off-schedule appointment to discuss roofing options with one of our experts. 

Lower Mainland Roofing Warehouse and Showroom: 12510 - 82nd Ave, Surrey, BC     Ph: 604-572-8088

hours:   Mon-Fri 7:30am- 4:30pm

Current Hours Oct 31 2013 through 15th March 2014::

Saturday: Closed on weekends for winter

*  Excluding   *   Long Weekends = closed

Sat: Closed ( available by appointment )  *

Visit BC's Largest Roofing Showroom, plus enjoy the amazing Outdoor Living Showroom of All Weather Products called Alfresco Backyard Lifestyles

Contact our office for more information, or for a special off-schedule appointment to discuss roofing options with one of our experts. 

Okanagan Roofing Warehouse and Showroom: 

   314 Totom , Kelowna          Ph: 250-765-8018

hours:   Mon-Fri 7:30am- 4:30pm

Contact our office for more information, or for a special off schedule appointment to discuss roofing options with one of our experts.

Don't miss our exciting roofing showrooms to view all the choices in styles, textures, performance, and looks.

All kinds of roofing materials and cladding materials for all kinds of projects!

Jobs or Career Opportunities  

.....  Check back with us in spring 2014.

Articles of interest :

Architectural Choices in Roofing:

"...The finished appearance of your home, including its "curb appeal" and its architectural look, is 60% to 75% determined by the style, texture, and thickness of the roofing material installed..."

Stormy West-Coast Weather and the importance of your Roof:

"...The Roofing materials you select will be challenged with keeping out 100% of the weather, storms, wind, and rain that our "rainforest" climate attacks our homes with in the Southwest BC and the Pacific Northwest USA regions..."

Glossary of Roofing Terminology:

Believe me, you'll want to read this ! A valuable resource and a bit of humorous insight too.

Underlayments...  Why are they important ?

Roofing Related Articles and Issues

Flat Roofing Solutions

Skylights ...natural light and ventilation

Editorials on Clay Tiles and Concrete Roof Tiles:

  • Check out the new design trends;

  • See new Colour trends;

  • Discover how the market for roofing is shifting !

Editorials on Multi-Family and TownHouse Re-Roofing:

Re-Roof ideas...  Options for reroofing cedar shake homes

See the newest roofing trend:

Snap-Lock Metal Roofing

  • See our new product designs

  • Durable permanent solutions

  • Custom Cut for each building

  • Easily "Snaps" together and features hidden fastener system

We manufacture Snap-Lock Metal Roofing panels on our new state of the art German Engineered roll forming machinery.

They are made in a few different widths but typically are 12" wide, with a 1" vertical standing seam, or 18" wide with a 1.5" vertical rib standing seam. They feature a hidden fastener system for greater durability and leak resistance, as well as allowing for the metal roofing to expand and contract during temperature changes without stretching or damaging the roofing panels around screws.

Our custom cut metal roofing is cut to order for each job, ready to install. We prepare all the panels and cut them either in our factory, or via an on-site roll forming machine.

We also fabricate custom bend or stock profile sheet metal flashings. We are specialists at providing quick quality fabrication and bending of flashings for all types of roofing, siding, and building detailing, to suit your specific project's requirements. And we certainly can provide all the colour matched accessories, trims, and flashings to properly complete your metal roof.

Our computerized brakes and experienced metal craftsmen produce accurate metal shapes and bends in a variety of sheet metal materials. The materials include (but not limited to) a variety of gauges in Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel, a wide range of Kynar 500 paint finished metals, Galvalume, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Copper, Zinc, Rheinzinc, Copper Coated Stainless, and Mild Stainless Steel.

Simply put and summarized ...

    we are a ONE STOP SHOP    for all your roofing needs !

Rooftop Delivery

Let us help get the roofing materials up where you need them ... on top of the roof. We do our utmost to assist you with crane or conveyor or stinger boom truck service, using our fleet as well as professional delivery services, to get the materials up where you want them, as far as jobsite situations, hills, trees, and access will allow us. We also provide truck mounted forklift ground drop deliveries for those tough to access sites.

We can provide in town rooftop delivery service, in the surrounding regions to our branches, as well as out of town delivery service for those far away places.


The inclement weather and excessively heavy rain of the last few months has many a home owner now worried about their roof, and we have heard about quite a few ten year old and older roofs developing leaks, or needing repairs or replacement. Some shoddy workmanship and the cheaper less quality roofing materials are going to create lots of work for us this coming year.

And for all you roofers and contractors out there ... stay below .0049, and drive safe !




 All Weather Products Ltd Copyright 2013

* The information included on this website is based on the opinion and beliefs of our company personnel, based on decades of experience in our field. Our conclusions may be different than the manufacturer's or others, but we reserve the right to state our opinion on our research of products and their installations.

Updated 1st November 2013